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My latest book, Depersonalization and Creative Writing: Unreal City, is now out from Routledge. Depersonalization is a little-known but quite common condition which causes the world and / or the self to seem unreal. My study begins with a memoir of my experience of it in my 20s, which was closely linked to the beginning of my writing career. I go on to argue that it is a significant factor in many literary texts and offers some important lessons for writers. Read more about it here.

My most recent poetry collection, Wing,  was chosen as Poetry Book of the Month in The Observer. Kate Kellaway writes: "Nature does not go out of fashion and we need poetry of this quality more than ever. Wing ... is a joy."

 Read more about the collection here.

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Matthew Francis:
Poetry and Fiction

I am a poet, novelist and professor emeritus in the Department of English and Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University. I am the author of seven poetry collections, two novels, and a collection of short stories. I am also the editor of W.S. Graham's New Collected Poems, and author of a study of Graham, Where the People Are. I live in west Wales with my wife, Creina.

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